Quick tip 207 Don’t trust everything you read

J.P.s Quick tipA completely unrelated issue making big news this week got me thinking about how easily we read something and take it for a fact. Newspapers were always in the business of selling ad space and shifting units, the importance of the quality of the journalism came second. You might not like it, but it is the fact. I actually feel sorry for the young journalists who entered the profession in a hopes to make a difference, and how that dream was crushed by the chef editor.

Back in 1998 a band I played with released an album. We wanted the main magazine specialised in our genre of music to review our album. We were told that the chances of our album being reviewed by the magazine would be much higher, if we purchased an ad in their publication. This is the way the business works, like it or not.

Now we have internet, and anybody can be a writer or self-proclaimed  journalist. The thing is, there is no one controlling the information (nor do I think there should be,) so it has become even harder to filter out the truth. This is also important in the music business. Many of us artists look for advice and information online all the time. And the quality of the advice can be questionable from time to time. You need to learn to ask questions. Don’t believe everything you read. And always ask does this scale down (or up) to my situation. And when ever possible ask for a second opinion.


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