19th of April Blog update

coffeeinpolandI’m writing this week’s Blog update in Poland for a change 😉 It’s one of my many “runaway and hide from the world locations”. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Poland yet, I highly recommend you will do so, you won’t be disappointed 😉 And even between getting everything done in Dublin, before I disappear for a week, and then doing just that for the rest of the week, I still managed to have a busy week on my blog as well. So let’s get straight in to it.
This week’s song was a story of a young couple who mistakenly thought making a loads of money at any means, even robbing a bank would make them happy. Check out the rest here:

Life of Crime

We get so wrapped up in our own small world, that we forget about the fact that we are here only for a little while. In the grand scale of things worrying about financial success or material things might not mean as much as we think:

In the grand scale of things

No matter how well you plan everything, things will go wrong in the music business. It pays to stay ahead of the game:

Quick tip 71 Stay ahead of the game

Thanks to the good people at D’Addario I got to try out some new strings.Here’s my review of them:

D’Addario EXP17 review

When you head out in to the wild world of social media to promote your music, you’re better be armed with a message:

Quick tip 72 Message

Here’s me doing another autopsy in to my songwriting brain 😉

On Songwriting part 9

Here’s a Quick tip Brian O’Shea suggested I write about:

Quick tip 73 Clear your mind

There is no shame in having a backup plan in the music business, and it might actually mean something else than what you expect:

Backup plan

I have learned to document everything in songwriting, you should do the same:

Quick tip 74 Document

This has been a real game changer for me:

Quick tip 75 Concentrate on what you can give

Sometimes you just need to get some perspective on things:

As you can see even on my time off I’m not great at slowing down 😀 But I hope you guys find some of this stuff useful or entertaining. More on the way, so stay tuned 😉

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