Backup plan

backupplanI am a strong believer in going after your dreams, in fact I’ve built my career based on going after my dream. It is extremely important to believe with every ounce of your body that you can do it. Without that driving passion you will fail. But what I have become to realise is that things are not as simple as that. There is a learning curve in what ever it is you do and no matter how much you desire to succeed, until you are ready, it will not happen.

All of my teenage years I was told the importance of having a back up plan. I was determinate enough to see this as a waste of time. I jumped in to the deep and learned to swim on the way. This definitely is not approach I would recommend for most people. But what I have learned by watching other along the way is that if you have the determination and drive, what you need to be able to deal with is time. It takes time to make dreams come true, and most people fail because they give up before they get there.

So what you need is something that will keep you going while you perfect your skills, while you make the mistakes you learn from, while you learn how to navigate your industry. I know there is that fear of getting stuck in the “day job”, while your dream fades away, but if your determination is strong enough, you will stay focused, and the “backup plan” will be just a means to an end.

Sometimes you will need financial investment as well. Again that is where the “day job” can come handy. You can blame the lack of finances as a reason for “not making it” but if you have an alternative way to finance your dream, until your dream starts to monetise itself.

So dream big, but also be realistic how you are going to get there.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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