warsawI talked a bit about how especially in the songwriting you need perspective. I’m writing this in Warsaw, in Poland. As you might know, I’ve had a bit of a crazy year so far, but all in a good way 🙂 So a good friends daughters christening was all the excuse I needed to hop on a plain and take a week off from the madness.

This got me thinking that how when we are in the middle of our battles to succeed in music business, or what ever the business you are in is, we get kind of one-dimensional view of things. It gets harder to see the over all picture from the ground, but if you climb a tree, tall building or a mountain, you will get a better view of everything what you are dealing with.

Taking time off and getting away from your surroundings and leaving the work behind, in my experience is one of the best ways to get perspective on things. It’s like your unconscious mind tries to break through the door. It keeps pushing through harder and harder. Your determination will not let you give in, so you put more and more effort in to pushing way through. Soon it becomes your main task, even when it first was only a small obstacle on the way. And the more you push, more helpless you start to feel. But if you take some time off, walk away from the door, you relieve your mind from the narrow view-point you been focusing in. And when you return to the task after your break, you might just see a sign on the door that you missed before, which clearly points out “pull”.

For a while now I had a vision in my head growing. When these things happen, I let them grow and develop first before I take them on. This does not mean I just stop working and sit watching TV. I focus on other tasks first. And if the vision is something bigger, like new album, getting some perspective on it first might just be one of the better things you can do. By the time you come back to it, you are more focused, more determined and you might already have a clear plan in your head.

So next time you feel stuck in a dead-end, or have a big project to take on, try to get some perspective on things first.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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