13th of December blog update

Happy J.P.It has been a wet week to say the least! There are some serious floods in Ireland at the moment. Shannon river has flooded badly, and today we had a warning that Liffey might flood as well.

It has been raining like crazy here, and there is more rain on the way… The west and the midlands have had it the worst. Peoples homes have been destroyed and in some cases second time in six years.

As hard as it has been to watch, for me it has been business as usual. Songwriting, recording, blogging and a lot of vlogging 🙂 And of course I was busy playing with Sliotar and in the sessions.

This week’s lessons have been appreciative observations, as well as some  trials of errors. The whole vlogging process is a learning curve and I certainly jumped into the deep end of the pool 😀

  1. I think we all have learned and can agree with the crazy weather we have had this year that the climate change is no joke. And I think we all play a part in trying to prevent things getting worse. I know it feels like there is not much we can do as an individual, but that is exactly where the change starts.
  2. The vlogging (video blogging) has given me a different perspective on how to tell stories.
  3. Watching the news this week has given me a different perspective on how much I appreciate having a place I can call a home, and how easily it can be taken away, but the strong powers of nature.
  4. Persistence is the key to success 🙂

This week I wanted to test out how far I can push the vlogging thing. It is definitely going to be a feature next year, I am just not sure yet to what extent. So we had a new vlog out most days this week. I also had the quick tips as well as our weekly song, so let’s get into it.

This weeks song took a look at how painful words can sometimes be in close relationships. Don’t forget to download your copy of the song from my Bandcamp page as well:

Carry The Scars

The week started with a Vlog from our resent tour, in this one I show you a coffee shop where I did a lot of the planning for the song a week concept. And we have more live music as well.

Vlog 29 Weather’s about to change

In the music business, especially when you are an independent artist, people will always doubt you:

Quick tip 236 People will doubt you

In Vlog 30 I introduce you to the wonderful Dr. Shakshuka

Vlog 30 Dr. Shakshuka

Learning to be grateful of my achievements has helped me a lot in keeping my spirits high through some dark times in my career:

Quick tip 237 Be grateful

In Vlog 31 I share with you some of the details of what I use to film my vlogs so far, and what camera equipment I am planning to invest on to make them even better:

Vlog 31 Camera talk

Being a musician can get lonely from time to time. In this quick tip I remind you that you are not alone:

Quick tip 238 You are not alone

The time had come to Say good-bye to Tel Aviv. In this vlog we have our last show, last run on the beach and my last falafel:

Vlog 32 The last day of the tour

I believe being a musician is so much more than just music. I believe we artist have a responsibility:

Quick tip 239 Artistic responsibility

Learn how to motivate your self, instead of trying to look others to motivate you:

Quick tip 240 Motivate yourself

All things must end sometime, and in this vlog we finally arrive back into Dublin.

Vlog 33 Rough landing to Dublin

I also wanted to make the weekly songs a part of my vlogs, so in this weeks vlog I share with you some of the problems I faced in the studio and me performing the song in the studio.

Vlog 34 Back in the studio

And that wraps up a very busy week. Once again I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of the stuff I share here. What did you like? Or was did you not like? All feedback is very much welcomed.

Before I let you go, a little bit of house keeping. If you like what I do, the music, the blogs and vlogs, consider supporting me on Patreon HERE. You can start from as little as $1 a month, and every dollar makes a big difference to me, and help me to put out the music, save towards new equipment and just keep things running. But most of all, thank you for listening, reading and watching. It really means a world to me.


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