Quick tip 236 People will doubt you

J.P.s Quick tipPeople will doubt you. They will doubt what you do. Sure you don’t have a real job. You only work a few hours a day. Ever heard of anything like that? As a musician, or an artist of any kind you will always face this.

But he thing is, the only person who you need to convince that you have a “real job”  is you. People will doubt you, your family will doubt you, your loved ones will doubt you. And I won’t lie, from time to time it will hurt like hell. Most of us artists look for validation, no matter how hard we try to pretend we don’t. And if we are successful, we get it at most live shows. But the fact is, most of our friends and family don’t see us work our back side off to get there. People will doubt you, there is no getting away from it. So try not let it get to you. I believe in you, and so should you.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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