Quick tip 240 Motivate yourself

J.P.s Quick tipWe can have the greatest of ideas and plans in the world, but we need to motivated to get it done. I don’t mean like taking out the trash because you must to avoid a rodent infestation. I mean the kind of motivation that makes you want to achieve the unachievable, and more! I mean the kind of motivation that keeps you writing a blog post or editing a video deep in to the night when the city around you has gone to sleep. I mean the kind of motivation that gets you out of the bed before the sunrise, even when you were the last soul up at night “getting it done.”

And that kind of motivation is hard to come by. In fact, you should not count on anybody else as your source of motivation. Motivation is something you should learn to dig within you. That’s why you should do something you are passionate about. If you need someone else to kick you in the ass to rehearse your guitar playing or what ever it is you do, then maybe a career in music is not for you.

It is getting close to midnight here in Dublin as I write this post. It is my first day off in three weeks, but I sent most of the day writing songs, block posts, editing videos. In fact I was on the roof top of my building filming the sun rising over the city this morning. Why do I do all of this on my day off? Because I love it! And that passion motivates me. Find out what motivates you.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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