2nd August Blog update

HungryThe first week back home flew by. It seems to be unavoidable occurrence being hit by a workload every time I hit the runway at the Dublin airport 😀 But hey, I love my job. Still I could do with few extra hours in a day. But then again, who wouldn’t.

The Sliotar tour was a success, no doubt about that. And already we are planning for the next year. You always need to be several steps ahead of the game in the music business. It was also nice to be back playing sessions in the Porterhouse.

But after any larger accomplishment, it is important to recap on what we learned. So let’s look what this week’s lessons held in store for me.

1. While writing a thank you blog post for Sliotar’s website, I learned the best way to genuinely thank someone is to tell a story. I talked about the importance of story, but this was once again a new application for it.

2. Preparation is the key. This years Sliotar tour was well planned and we were on the ball with all the details. It was one of the key components behind the success of the tour.

3. The key to songwriting is turning up in the first place. Songs don’ write themselves.

4. Teenagers can be a handful. They live in a different time zone. Few weeks can be forever in their life.

5. I. value functionality I a WordPress theme, more on the subject in Saturday’s blog post.

And now onto this week’s blog posts:

This week’s song takes a look at how some relationships don’t end in a big explosive breakup, but suffer a slow death:

No one said it was easy

I think most musicians dream about touring, and even though it can be a lot of fun, there is a darker side to it as well:

The ups and downs of touring

I continued my touring tips as well this week, while they still were fresh in my mind:

Quick tip 146 Touring tips 3.

On the second part of “The ups and downs of touring” looks in to how even through the tough times, some of us still love the road:

The ups and downs of touring part 2

The touring tip 4 looks into the importance of smart scheduling, while planning your tour:

Quick tip 147 Touring tips 4.

Here’s a one more Vlog update from the tour:

Vlog 6 Tesco’s car park

And the touring tip 5 talks about the budgeting of your tour:

Quick tip 148 Touring tips 5.

Here’s a question I try to ask my self every day. Read why it can be important to ask your self this:

What did you learn today?

“Fake it until you make it”  rarely works in the music business. Be authentic:

Quick tip 149 Be authentic

This quick tip talk about some impressive statistics of songs and blog posts I’ve written in the past year and a half. Read how utilising my stubbornness helped me along the way:

Quick tip 150 Be stubborn

And last but not least, as I mentioned in my lesson of the week, here are my thoughts on choosing a WordPress theme:

Choosing a WordPress theme for your band website and blog

So we have August in full swing. In the past I get fewer visitors to my website in August (holidays), the same goes with December. But that will not slow me writing and posting more stuff for you guys, so keep your eyes open for another busy week.


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