Quick tip 150 Be stubborn

J.P.s Quick tipAs from the tittle you can see, this is my music business Quick tip number 150. It is also 609th blog post on my website. And earlier today I released my 85th song (you can check it out HERE) in the past 85 weeks. So how did I do it? Being extremely organised? No, most of the time my office is a mess, my inbox has no folder system, my song notes are spread out in several different files in few different computers, one of them refuses to turn on… So no, I would not consider my self very organised.

But what I am is extremely stubborn. The older I get the more I learn not to inflict my stubbornness to other people. But I am extremely stubborn with my self. I give out to my self if I don’t get something done… I don’t allow my self to enjoy my free time, until I have finished the tasks I set for my self. I know it sounds crazy, but the figures above speak for them selves. When you learn to be stubborn with your self, you get stuff done. No one else is going to kick your back side, if you don’t do it your self.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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