1st of March Blog update

happysundayIt feels bit surreal writing “March” in the tittle… But what a start to the year we have had.  This week I finally finished the recording and mastering of my new album. I decided to delay the launch after all with a week, mainly due to my own indecisiveness with the artwork and stuff. So we are aiming for the 31st of March. Also a friend of mine, that I got to know over the Twitter humbled me with the great honour of starting Facebook fan page for me 🙂 You know I still find using the term “fan” weird 😀 But It would mean a world to me if you supported the page as well, so head over HERE and give it a like. Every person who does that, will be rewarded with a dose of instant good karma 😉 This week I spent even more time playing than usually, and you know that makes it for a lot of playing 😀 Sessions, Sliotar shows, rehearsals… My arm is begging for a break. But my mom is coming to visit me this week, so I’ll be taking few days off for a short road trip to the west of Ireland. Also on Tuesday night just past 5pm (Irish time) I’ll be doing an interview with Castledown Radio so tune in if you get a chance 🙂 Right so, on to the blog posts:

This weeks song “Losing Faith” seemed to have resonated with you guys a lot. I had the wonderful Brian O’Shea playing layers of Banjos on the track. Check it out here:

Losing Faith

Last weekend we got one of those weird requests from a member of the audience, and I got me thinking how many music fans probably don’t know how we musicians feel about these requests. So here it is:

Polite refusal

Monday’s quick tip talked about how we should not get hunger up on little details that does not matter in the bigger picture:

Quick tip 36 Don’t get hung up

Here’s why I am very protective over my brand, and why you should be as well:

Being protective over your brand

Tuesday’s quick tip talks about how we do our best to progress, but sometimes we just can’t force things:

Quick tip 37 Don’t force it

This post was an experimental one. I wanted to go off topic and see what you guys thought about it. I’m still not sure, so please let me know your thought in the comments:

When all else fails, make chicken soup

Most of you know I am pretty tough task master when it comes to my own work. But sometimes life does get on the way. So for days like these, I have my bare minimum to do list. You should have one as well:

Quick tip 38 The bare minimum

We have all seen the internet trolls in action. Here’s what to do (and not to do) when they attack you:

Attack is the worst defence

I have been rehearsing a lot in the past month, and I thought it was time to share my thoughts on the subject of having a productive rehearsal:

Quick tip 39 Rehearsal

It s your job as an independent artist to find your fans, not the fans job to find you:

Quick tip 40 Finding fans

2014 changed how we consume our music, I believe before 2015 is over there will be even more dramatic changes. I just hope that the powers that be would involve the independent artist bit more:

Dear Spotify (and other music services)

And there we go. Another crazy busy week. Quick tip posts hit number forty already! As always I’d love to hear your thoughts on the posts. In fact here’s a task for you: Tell me your thoughts on how we will be consuming music in 2016 in the comments box below. Have a great week!


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