Vlog 98 21st of February Blog update

This week was all about getting stuff finished. We are getting the keys to our new apartment next Friday, so I have a long list of stuff that needs to be finished before that. I did manage to get finished few big things this week, so next week won’t be quite as bad. But even though moving house is always a stressful thing, you need to leave a place you got used to calling home and make a new place to feel like a home, I am embracing the change. Right now I am looking forward to having the physical task of moving everything from A to B done, cleaning up the A so we get our deposit back from our old landlord and the set up B the way we are happy to call it home.

The thing is, all of this is normal part of life for sure. We all move home sometimes in our life, most of us several times. The thing that gets to me though is the fact that for the past few years I have pushed myself to create new stuff consistently, weekly and even daily. Everything to do with the move to me are just obstacles on the way of creating stuff. So I am starting to look forward to a day when I sit dow to write a song, or head out on an adventure to film a vlog and don’t feel guilty as I should be doing something to sort out a new home 😀

This week I did a lot of writing for my collaboration with Melosity and I did a lot of recording. Both had quite a few lessons to teach me, so here are few.

1. The longer you try to perfect something, the more you start to doubt yourself.

2. Taking distance from time to time from what you are working on is the only way to refresh your perspective.

3. Refreshing your perspective is extremely important. Otherwise you just end up doing the same thing over and over again.

This week I had to work through a lot of self-doubt before I was ready to put out this weeks song “What would you do?” But in the end I am very happy you it turned out. As usual, you can also grab a download copy from my Bandcamp page. Check out the song and all the details here:

What would you do?

In Monday’s vlog I once again summed up my weekend. We had all four seasons of weather during the weekend, but that’s Dublin for you:

Vlog 92 That’s Dublin for you

Tuesday’s vlog I did a quite big section on running, as it has become such a great lifeline for me. It was a glorious but cold morning and I had my camera with me:

Vlog 93 Running

Once again it was time for a studio day. I talk about how by making a bit fuller arrangement for last weeks song, I might have created a bit of a monster:

Vlog 94 I created a monster

Wednesday was a day for me to get stuff finished 🙂 I was putting nothing off and just getting it done. I also just about made it into the Porterhouse before a pretty heavy shower of hailstones:

Vlog 95 Hiding from the hailstones

After dropping the first draft of the writing project to Rory, it was time to get some chores done at home:

Vlog 96 I hate cleaning

As the house move is going to take few days of my time, I had to get a little bit ahead in my songwriting. So this week we had two studio days. It is amazing how time just disappears in the studio:

Vlog 97 Love songs and studio time warp

That brings to an end another week. How was your week? Let me know in the comments.

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You guys truly have kept me focused and exited about every new day, in a middle of all the stress involved in the house move. Thank you for being who you are 🙂


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