Vlog 100 How did that happen?

100th vlog! How did that happen? I am filled with so many emotions that I can’t even start to try to explain where to get started. First of all I am proud that I have made one hundred vlogs. I am delighted that I have found the passion to do this.

I did my first videos back in school over 25 years ago. I was lucky enough to have a great arts teacher who was very supportive of me and my friend just grabbing the VHS video camera every chance we could and make short films, clay animations, music videos, documentaries of school events. We had a limited access to an editing sweet, which consisted of two video machines and a mixing board.

When the computers came around and got to the point that you technically could make a movies with DV video cameras and Windows movie maker. But the process was frustrating to say the least. When iPhones came along it definitely was a game changer. Having a quality video camera in my pocket I could feel the hunger to do more. When I eventually purchased a second-hand MacBook Pro, I was finally able to edit my videos. I am not trying to turn this into an Apple advertisement 🙂 But let me just say that Mac gets a lot less on the way of me creating than Windows does.

I love making videos, still music is my number one passion. What I found out though was that the videos are actually a great platform for my music as well. Having reached 100 vlogs is a milestone, but even before these vlogs, my YouTube channel had another 100 or do videos 🙂 But what makes me so humble and grateful is how you guys have watched and supported the vlogs, and for that I want to thank you guys. Here’s for another 100 vlogs 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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