River Takes You Over


This weeks song title “River Takes You Over” might make you think it has something to do with the current weather we have been having in Ireland, but you’d be mistaken. The reference to a river is to do with relationship and how a bad relationship can drag you down, if you don’t get out of it. “Oh no, not another breakup song!” you say. But wait, this one actually looks at it from a different angle. Sometimes relationships just don’t last. And what if instead getting angry and resentful about it, we would face it as it is. We could just see that both sides might be better off without each other and move on. Of course every broken relationship will take time to get over, and sometimes you never do. But what you do after this is still up to you. If this song does touch you or relates in some way in your life, I hope you see it as a positive comfort. As always, if you like the song please share this post on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or where ever feel right.


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