7th of February 2016 Blog update

By starting my week in Lisbon, it definitely got started on a high note 😉 We had wonderful few days break in this wonderful city. And I had my camera filming most of it, so it definitely features heavily in this weeks vlogs. We have had this stress of needing to move house hanging over our heads, and it was just wonderful to forget about it all for few days.

But eventually we got back into Dublin and it was time to face the reality. I spent most of the week writing and apartment hunting. In fact I am just back from viewing another apartment. It is a tough game… And on top of that, being in the sun in Lisbon, where the temperatures nearly hit 18 degrees celsius, facing the freezing cold rain in Dublin does take its toll on you as well.

But that is life and we just need to get on with it. So what did I learn this week?

1. I love traveling and vlogging about it and I definitely want to make it a bigger part of my life in the future.

2. When you are faced with inevitable change, figuring out your priorities and where you are willing to compromise is very important

3. Living under the terms and moods of landlords and estate agencies can get exhausting, but unfortunately it is the reality of an artist for the most of their life.

So there we go. Not all so positive lessons, but sometimes we need to try to learn from the negative lessons as well. I do believe most thing in this life happens for a reason, but I am still trying to find that reason 😉

So onto this weeks blogs, vlogs and music. Once again, let me remind you that I try to write a small blog post to go with every vlog, just so that if video is not your preferred format, you can still enjoy the blog posts as well.

This weeks song All said and done talks about how we all need that one person who will still be there when it is all said and done:

All said and done

The first vlog of the week revealed our secret trip destination. In fact, my girlfriend only found out the destination at the gate of our flight 😀

Vlog 78 What should we do in Lisbon?

This vlog followed us as we adventured out into the old parts of Lisbon at night time:

Vlog 79 Sausage on fire

On our second day in Lisbon we visited the Lisbon world expo site and the Oceanarium. There is some great shots here, even if I say so my self 🙂

Vlog 80 Things are getting fishy

This was our last full day in Lisbon, we visited among the other things the Lisbon castle. Check out the amazing views from there:

Vlog 81 Castle, rooftops and cobblestones in Lisbon

Friday’s vlog was our trip back from Lisbon to Dublin and finishes off with me back playing in the Porterhouse:

Vlog 82 Lisbon to Dublin

The last vlog of the week talks about how some days there just isn’t much to vlog about. I am kind of stuck in my office for the next few weeks writing and apartment hunting. But I did get to celebrate Polish tradition Fat Thursday:

Vlog 83 Fat Thursday

And that was up the week once again 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the vlogs from our short trip. We most certainly did enjoy making them.

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So thank you for another great week. I hope where ever you are, that you say warm, safe and life brings you smiles. Talk to you more next week.


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