5th of October Blog update

gtc logo 4So the October has arrived and so has the rain and the cold weather… Brr. This week was a busy one for me, on top of my usual blocking, writing music, promotion, playing live, I helped the Global Texan Chronicles to get their website up. It has been a learning curve for all of us involved, but the results made it all worth it in the end 🙂 I was meant to do some recording this week, but time did not allow for it. But next week I am looking myself in the studio no matter what;-) But in the mean time, let’s have a look at what got posted on my blog this week.

This week’s song is the title track from the next album and one of my favourites so far. Check it out here:

The Call

You could say I got very philosophical this week 😀 But most of the time I write what comes out of me. On Monday I talked about the importance of time and how it might just be the most valuable commodity we have.

The Importance of Time

Tuesdays post was kind of related to Mondays post as I needed to remind myself as much as everyone else how we should not put aside our dreams, but go after them today.

Don’t Wait

We all are faced with criticism from time to time, but how we react to it is what matters.

Critique, not pointing out your flaws, but a chance to learn

Once again someone clocked up my Email with mp3’s in hopes I could find them the all elusive manager and a record contract… Well, it got me thinking how some of the basic rules of music promotion needed to be spelled out aloud once again

5 Music promotion cardinal Email rules

So that’s the week gone by. Any favourite posts? Oh and also check out the Global Texan Chronicles new website as well: www.globaltexanchronicles.com
Talk to you all soon 🙂


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