The Call

thecallThis week’s song “The Call” is a title track from the next album. Once again the wonderful Matthew Gillian helped me out in the production of the track. I was a bit lost while trying to decide which way to go with the arrangement of the song, but Matthew’s work made me like the song so much that I decided to make it the title track 🙂

It’s only a few months since I wrote the song, but I write so much that it’s hard to remember the circumstances where I wrote it. But I do have a tendency from time to time write songs from my surroundings, so my wild guess would be I was somewhere up in the air above Europe :-D.

When I was growing up, I was a massive Rolling Stones fan. I remember an interview of Charlie Watts talking about the vicious circle of hating the fact that he had to be away from his family and how much he misses them, but to be able to play, he had to go on tour. I know this can sound like silly talk to someone who spent all of their lives dreaming about being able to tour and play night after night, I did for me when I was younger. But these days I have done enough miles to know what he was talking about. The music is your life, it pumps through your veins, it oozes out of every one of your extremities and you feel somehow crippled if you don’t get to perform. But when you are on the road, you leave your whole home life behind and with time that becomes more and more difficult. I remember in 2006 we did a six and a half week tour with Sliotar. Nothing compared to the bigger bands hectic schedules, I know. But even at that, there was a point after the two weeks where we all became very homesick. It almost caught me by surprise how strong that feeling was.

It is always great to return back home. And for while you try to settle into whatever “normality” musicians can have. But after some time, the music will start calling you again. And when it happens, the call is strong and sooner than you think you are on a plane on your way to perform your music to a new audience;-)

But also this weeks song is a small reminder of the fact that no matter how tough our life’s low point’s can feel, we are still the lucky ones. We are still the ones with a roof over our heads, and food on the table. Sometimes it’s good to put things in perspective 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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