The Importance of Time

timeWe rush around in a frantic race to reach our goals. We spend time in meetings, we plan, we implement. We write thousand Emails and every time new one appears in our mail box we rush to read it, like it could not wait. We check our phones several times every hour. We reply to the messages in a matter of seconds and if our texts don’t get replied straight away we get agitated, we take it as a personal insult. Its like the person on the other end of this digital jungle does not care, or respect our time. We work from early in the morning into the late at night. We neglect our loved ones, they say they understand. But what if years fly by and they become strangers?

We skip breakfast, substitute it for a coffee and cigarette. We rush through lunch and keep our sugar levels up with sweet and highly processed snacks. And at the end of the day we stuff ourselves with quick take away.

Our minds are pushed to the limit, stress exhausting our hard working brains. We only stop a few times a year. Our heart is pumping blood through our arteries to all over our bodies, but those arteries are trying to desperately protect themselves with cholesterol as the pressure gets higher and the artery walls thinner. We become a ticking time bomb.

And we do all of this because of what? Because we need material things? Because we are scared to lose our security? Because the world has been telling us if we don’t work hard, we won’t get far. Because we see so many valuable things we need.

But all along we waste time. And someday we realise time is the most valuable commodity we have. It is the one thing that will run out someday, and when it happens there is nothing in this world that can buy us more. Why is it so hard for us to see the importance of time? Think hard what you want to do with the time you have left. Don’t waste it, spend it wisely.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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