21th of August 2016 Vlog update

Vlog 280 21th of August 2016 Vlog update

The rain is beating on the window once again as I write this. The summer just seem to fly by without really sticking around here in Dublin at all… But I am really happy I have few weeks of sunny holidays on the way, which I talk about more in one of this weeks vlogs. It’s been a good week all around and your guys response to this weeks new song has been a phenomenal. Still after few years I am on my toes every Friday, waiting to hear what you guys think when the new song come out. You can check out the song here:

Nothing can stop us at all

This week started with me feeling bit crap… It was a silly cold, or should we just say a “man flu”

Still feel like crap

Tuesday I talk to you guys about how bad patient I am:

I’m a bad patient

After a long week of office work I took a night off:

Something else than work

In the Thursdays vlog we have newlyweds and liberty hell 🙂


Friday, as usual I talk about this weeks song, while I work on the track. But before it I take you around the Dublin fruit market:

Dublin fruit market

And in the last vlog of the week I talk about my next trip and ask for your tips:

Where am I going next

That is it for this week. Hope you guys have been enjoying the vlogs. Before I let you go just the usual bit of house keeping.  If you enjoy what I do and want to support me, please consider supporting my Patreon campaign. Patreon is a great platform that connects the makers of the art with their audience directly. And by supporting your favourite artists directly, you make sure the artist can keep on making art in the artists terms, not some rules set out by record label big shots, or book publishers to make the art bland enough to try to please every one, but in the end not really fulfilling anyone. If you want to be part of my support system, check out my Patreon page HERE.

Once again a massive thank you for tuning in 🙂 You guys keep me going and pushing myself harder and further.


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