1st of February Blog update

(null)January is done and dusted. It was my busiest month so far on the blog, as well as off it. Songwriting and recording for the new album, rehearsing for live shows, playing trad sessions in the Porterhouse, playing shows with Sliotar. It’s been a wild ride, but I must admit, even though there have been moments I’ve been sleep deprived, I loved every moment of it 🙂 So let’s check out what got posted on my blog this week.

This week’s song “Never Ending Road” seem to have resonated with you guys, even when my website was down for nearly 24 hours. So thank you very much once again 🙂

Never Ending Road

If you read my blog regularly, I’d hazard a guess music is more than just a past time to you.

Music, the soundtrack of life

When you are in the business of fan acquisition (oh how i hate that phrase…) it is easy to forget about your most valuable asset, your existing fans.

Quick tip 16 Appreciate your fans

The best way to get stuck in the rut, will be trying to stick to a path well-traveled.

Step off the path and make our own

Music is the reason why you get in the business of music in the first place, but don’t forget about the business side of things as well 😉

Quick tip 17 Get in the business

There has been some crazy leaps in the music technology in the past few decades. It is easy to criticise some of these developments. But what if for example the electric guitar never took off?

Technology and the workflow

Over thinking can really slow down your progress as a musician.

Quick tip 18 Don’t over think

Even as a songwriter there are times when it is hard to figure out where the songs come from. Here is me trying to analyse my songwriting and what goes on in my unconscious mind 😉

The Third Eye of a songwriter

There are times the fanciest condenser microphone might not be the best tool when recording vocals.

Quick tip 19 Recording

By the nature of being a musician, you put your self out there and you will get critics. You need to learn not to let them get to you.

Quick tip 20 Don’t let it get to you

Almost always being in the heart of a disaster seems much worse than it really is.


That’s all for this week. As I mentioned before, January was the busiest month so far, and I can only try to beat it 😉 Thank you so much for being a part of it. You guys rock!


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