Music, the soundtrack of life

earphonesI say this over and over, I am a musician, I am a songwriter and it defines me. But before all of it I am a big music fan. Music is one of the most important things in my life. Most evenings I fall a sleep listening to music. I have music playing when I prepare my morning coffee. I have music playing while I write this blog post. And later today, I will go out and play music with some good friends 🙂

Music is a gift I love to give, share and receive. Sometimes it is great to listen to music with friends. Sometimes after a hard day there is nothing better than blast out your stereo, crack open a beer and layback on the couch. When was the last time you went to a party with no music? Pretty boring party, wasn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I know not every one feels the same way. Just by being a musician, I have to have extra interest in it. But it is not just me. I have talked to thousands of people about music and I know for most of these people it is very important. Sometimes people tell me they haven’t had time to listen to music lately, and I can hear an underlying sadness in their voice. It’s like they let someone down.

In fact they did, they let them selves down! It is one of the easiest and fastest forms of stress relief. Music stimulates our brains like nothing else. There has been several researches lately on the subject and in all of them the brain scans light up with activity while people listen to music. So if you are under pressure, stressed at work or otherwise just drained, pickup those headphones and crank up some great music 😉

Also those of you who tell me you do not listen to music at all, I bet you do, you just don’t know it 😉 Remember last time you walked in to a shop that did not have music playing in the background? Bar? Restaurant? Even most airlines play music while you are boarding. And what kind of music they play might have a big effect on your experience. Or do you really think that music was just chosen randomly? Yep, just like those sweets at the check out counter in the shop are just accidentally placed there…

Music is the soundtrack to our life. I bet there are songs you associate with a moments and times in your life. I bet there are songs that bring back instant memories flooding in. I’d even hazard a guess certain songs remind you of people you know. Music enriches our life. Let the music play 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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