18th of October Blog update

path of balanceWith out a doubt this has been a productive and eye-opening week. This week every one of my blog posts seemed to come from somewhere deeper than usual, and I really enjoyed writing them. But hey, as much as I want to make sure I enjoy what I do, if you guys don’t enjoy them, then it’s all for nothing. So let me know what you think 🙂

Next week I’m off to Warsaw for a quick visit once again, for a house-warming party this time. It’s become kind of my third home away home by now 😀 And just being able to see my friends over there already makes me smile. But before all that, I still have few days of work here todo, so lets not get ahead of our selves 😉

Oh yeah and another funny thing happened during the week. Some of you might remember I was supposed to have an album out in July. This album had the song I had some of you guys singing backing vocals on. But the project (not the song with you guys singing on it, that actually sounds brilliant!) grew bit more complex, and we are still working on finishing it. As a result I decided to keep the next album simple, just me and my acoustic guitar. Now while I am still trying to get the album that was supposed to be out in July finished, the acoustic album is all done and about to be released 🙂 I’m still waiting on a confirmation whether the distribution company can handle my fast release schedule 😀 But I’ll have more details hopefully early next week.

Now on to this weeks lessons:

  1. This week I got the chance to read a new music business book that is not out yet, but will be shortly. The first few chapters taught me how rotten the modern-day record deals are, and why you should avoid them like a plague.
  2. I also learned how much more I have left to learn 😀
  3. I learned, and still am learning slowly but surely, how I cannot make people to work the way I like to work, if they don’t want to do it. I am better of just doing it my self.
  4. I also learned that there are aspects of my business I am not good at, and I need to out source them.

So that was an educational week to say the least. And now let’s have a look what got posted on my blog.

This weeks song “Right or Wrong” is a good example of what I mentioned last week about songs  coming from a different place at the moment. Also the blog post is quite deep one. Read all about it here:

Right or Wrong

Too often we try to reach perfection, and in the process we dismiss a lot of great stuff, just peaks they might not be “perfect”

If everything was perfect, would there be any soul left?

This quick tip gives some straight speaking advise for musicians on how to use social media:

Quick tip 196 Know why you create noise

Fans have the power fix the broken music business. Support your favourite artist.

Fans have the power to fix the broken music business

Unless you are laying on your dying bed, given only months or weeks to live, it is never too late to start something new.

Quick tip 197 It is never too late

The path is broken, so why do we insist on walking on it? Why don’t we search  new path? Or even better, make our own?

The path is broken

It’s the artists who are willing to adapt to the changes that will have future, not the ones who insist on sticking to the way things used to be.

Quick tip 198 Adapt to change

Never underestimate the value of a small opportunity. It might just lead to something else, or better yet be a big opportunity in disguise. So when the opportunity comes knocking, open the door!

Learn to recognise opportunity

How often have you had a great idea and then forgotten about it completely in few hours time?

Quick tip 199 Write your ideas down

This is the 200th quick tip post! How did that happen? Read all about it here:

Quick tip 200 Be patiently consistent

What would you sacrifice to be able to have your dream job?

What would you sacrifice to be able to have your dream job?

And that wraps up another busy week 🙂 It is getting late here in Dublin as I write this, so it’s time for me to get some sleep. Thank you for reading once again 🙂


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