The path is broken

the path is brokenThe path is broken, so why do we insist on walking on it? Why don’t we search  new path? Or even better, make our own? Why do we insist on sticking to what was, when it has been proven to not work? I speak openly about how the path is broken, and almost every time I do, someone comes along and tells me how I should not say it, that I am wrong, that the old way is still the only way.

Why do they do it? Because they have something personally invested in it. It can be as simple as their dream. If I am right, then their dream is crushed. But I am not here to crush anybody’s dream. I am just here to help. I am here to tell you that things have changed, things have evolved. And that means you and your dream needs to evolve as well. I am not asking you to give-up on that dream. I am pointing out how with a little bit of adjusting, your dream can be better. And it can become reality.

But I can’t show you the shortcut. There is no short cut. And if something looks like a shortcut, it comes with a price. To make headway on your path, you need to do the walking. You want to get there faster? Buy a car. Ok, lets say you do. The car is going to cost you a lot of money. But even more so, keeping it serviced and the tank full is going to be eating more and more money. Money that the same people who whispered to you about the short cut and the fast car will gladly take from you.

What if you walk? What if you don’t just focus on the destination, whatever that might be, but you concentrate on the path right in front of you, the scenery all around you, the smells, the sounds the people you meet along the way. What if you learn to enjoy the walk as much as you do the idea of reaching your destination?

And what is the destination? Some kind of utopia where you finally are happy? Once you get there, you can relax and forget about it all. You have reached your goal. Is that it? Hmm… I would not want that to be it. I would want to be able to keep going, learning, growing.

The path is broken, no doubt about it. But it’s been broken before, and we did found a new path. It just seems we are too eager to forget. And then again, there are people who will fight to the end to keep you on that broken path. You see they are making money of you. They are sitting in the sidelines, trying to figure out how to best squeeze the most out of you. And if you step off the path, you are breaking their carefully orchestrated system. You are taking the power out of their hands. You are reclaiming after years of extortion what rightfully is yours.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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