16th of August Blog update

Drawing 3 Carlos RamosThis week has been a real reminder of something I talked about before, balance. balance between good times and bad times. As the regular readers here know I had some pretty serious problems with my website. It had surprisingly wide-spread effect on everything I do. It also reminded me how much I enjoy writing. This week I finally swapped to new server, as nothing else seemed to work (and believe you me, we had some very experienced experts working hard to sort it out.) There comes a time you need to cut your losses, and just take completely new approach to a problem. So once I had the website back working, it felt great to concentrate on the writing for a while.

And as we ride these waves, the universe (sorry for getting all philosophical) sent few other nice things on my way 🙂 On Tuesday by coincidence we had an Italian artist sitting in beside us in The Porterhouse, while we were playing music. And he drew some great images of us playing 🙂 I am a big fan of these kinds of artistic exchanges, where our music inspired him to draw.

Later on in the week I was working on this weeks song, I asked help from the good people in the  Twitter land. And the help poured in 🙂 And I got to use another artists picture as a part of the single cover for this weeks song. Something about the organic nature of these exchanges made me exited and energised.

This week I had time to reflect on the lessons from the past few weeks as well. So here’s some of the things I learned:

1. There is a fine balance between trying to save money, and wasting resources while doing it.

2. Save your work! Computers do have hiccups, and when they do, you can and will lose things…

3. When you ask, people will help you 🙂

4. Tired mind is good at wasting time.

So without further due, let’s get in to this weeks song. If you want to check out the picture I mentioned above, head over to check out this weeks song “You.” And don’t forget to download your copy while you are there:


On Monday I had to remind my self, that in-between all of the problems I had with my website, there were lessons to learn there as well. Read all about it here:

The lessons from a week gone by

And as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, balance plays ticks on us. But also we should work on finding that balance in our life:

Trying to find the balance

And as the website was back live, I could finally continue with the Quick tips as well:

Quick tip 152 Things are hardly ever as bad as they seem

I was so impressed with the drawings Carlos Ramos did on Tuesday, that I rushed home and uploaded them on my website. Check them out here:

Share love, music and art part 5

I was asked over in Twitter about some songwriting tips for someone who was only starting. So I decided to write down in a blog post some of my basic songwriting tips and tools:

On Songwriting 11 The basic tools

The Wednesdays Quick tip was a challenge I set for my artist friends:

Quick tip 153 Do the opposite

Understanding  the importance of mistakes and seeing them as opportunities to learn has been a big game changer for me:

Get passionate about finding where you are going wrong

You don’t need to agree with me, but still accepting that things happen for a reason will save you a lot of frustration in the long run:

Quick tip 154 Things happen for a reason

Friday’s Quick tip looked into how artist should create content, and how to choose the right kind of content:

Quick tip 155 What you would want your self to do?

And Saturday I was in a mood to write something to inspire my self, and hopefully others as well:-) Check it out here:

Better version of yourself

And that was all for this week. As I said before, damn it felt great to be able to write and post again 🙂 It also reminded me how much I appreciate you all reading these posts. It is you guys who make all of this possible. Thank you! And have a great week.


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