Share love, music and art part 5

Drawing 1 by Carlos Ramos
I am very exited to share with you some drawings by Italian artist Carlos Ramos. Our paths kind of crossed by accident. Carlos came into the Porterhouse today, where I was playing a session with friends of mine Brian and Barra. Carlos enjoyed the afternoon of music with some food and beer, ad all awhile he had his small sketch book out, where he was constantly drawing.

Drawing 2 Carlos RamosSo what you see here on this page was all drawn live in the moment, and with a kind permission from Carlos I am sharing them with you. If you want to sent some compliments to Carlos, you can do so on Twitter @umhcramos. Tell him that J.P. sent you 😉

I think Carlos did a wonderful job capturing the session, which is just few guys playing music at the corner of a bar, no microphones, no stage. To me it is music in one of its purest forms, and the simple use of just pen and paper in the drawings seem to work perfectly hand in hand.

Drawing 3 Carlos RamosTo me this was one of those magical moments, when someone gets inspired by music to do some other form of art. As an artist it is one of the highest rewards. Too often I see artist treating art as a competition, where as we all should aspire to inspire each others. I felt very much inspired by these drawings. It’s moments like these that get me very exited. Hope you enjoy the results as much as I did.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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