Vlog 41 I am not falling for that

This vlog I took you around Grafton street before christmas while I was doing some Christmas shopping. I obviously did not show you what I bought as that might spoil the surprise 😉 But lets just say it was a successful trip.

From the very start of this vlogs I wanted to be honest with you guys, as I think that is the only way these vlogs will stay real. So today you get a glimpse into our session in the Porterhouse during the Christmas week. Yes it gets noisy… A lot of office christmas parties come in, and sometimes is hard for even us to hear each others. But that is only one week of the year, most of the time the session audience is great. But as I said, I wanted to show you the good and the bad and the noisy 😉

Oh and last, I went to see the new Star Wars movie. And I included here my instant review of it as well. It seems I packed a lot into a one day 😉 How is your christmas shopping going? Have you got it done yet? And did you see the new Star Wars yet?


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