Travel Part 2

A little bit of continuation on the subject of travel from last week. My absolute favourite way to travel is my two feet. That obviously has its limitations ? But after walking, it’s a toss between trains and boats. The fast train links between cities in France are simply fantastic. And I suppose I am a bit of a closet train enthusiast.
Flying has its conveniences but also comes with a hefty environmental impact. My body always needs a few days to recover after a flight. I swell up like a balloon. And let’s not get started on the damage luggage handlers have caused to my instruments over the years…
I did often think about the idea of organising a tour, where I would mainly travel by train. Obviously, with a full band setup, that isn’t a practical option. But maybe a solo tour someday in the future.
What’s your favourite way to travel? And do you think about its environmental impact?

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