Travel Part 1

Travel Part 1
Growing up, my father was a long-haul truck driver. From a very young age, I got used to spending time on the road. Travelling is in my blood. Twenty-six years ago, I moved to Ireland, and very soon after, music brought me back on the road. Today travel is a lot more than just an away for me to get from a to b. It is part of my creative process.
Even though my life in Dublin is full of music, there is something about unplugging from your usual routine and surroundings that forces your brain to look at everything from a different perspective. Having those different perspectives also makes me approach my creative work in a new and rejuvenated way. If I ever feel stuck, even a short trip can open the creative flood gates. It can be the quiet time on my own exploring a new city or time spent with new friends or old ones I haven’t seen in a while. And only a few days into it, I start to feel my fingers itching and that monkey brain of mine finding focus in the chaos. I will expand on that chaos more in a future post soon.
If you are a creative artist, what fuels your creative juices? And even if you are not, what is your relationship with travel?

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