Time Takes Its Toll

None of us can live our youth forever. Sooner or later we need to move on. Now in the world where we live in these days, that “move” can be bigger than what our parents were used to. Rural life is getting harder, and many of us move after work into big cities, or even different countries. This can leave us lost, feeling like we are in-between places and don’t really belong to anywhere anymore.

Having moved out of my native home country, and lived abroad half of my life, I believe I have a little bit of an inside into this subject. But as a songwriter I always observe people, and I have observed people struggle with this. In a way it has become the way our world is. Most of us have experienced living away from home for an extended periods of time, and when we come back, nothing feels quite the same anymore.

Emigration is not a new thing. In the past people had to move due to wars, famine, lack of resources or work. Now many of us move in a hopes to build a better life. I definitely recommend you try living somewhere else at least for a while. It does give you a different perspective and understanding on things. Some of you might not ike it and move back to where you came from, and have a new-found appreciation for your home. Some of you will go on to build a new life, and in a way live the adventure 🙂

For me it definitely has been a good move. But we all still wonder from time to time what our life would look like if we would have stayed.

And that is what this weeks song “Time Takes Its Toll” is all about. You can grab a free copy of this weeks song from my Bandcamp page HERE. And if you know someone this weeks song might relate to, share it with them 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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