Thousand Sleepless Nights

Thousand Sleepless Nights

This weeks new song “Thousand Sleepless Nights” touches on a subject matter that I have written about in the past, Intimacy in a relationship. It can be a heavy subject, so this time I let the song do the talking. Instead in this post I will talk about something little bit more cheerful, which is the guitar.

Some of you know I purchased a Martin 000RS1 few weeks ago. Due to my nothing short of a hectic schedule I only got to do recording with it this week. This weeks song is the first song I recorded with it. It might not be the over all best representation of this guitars capabilities, as I had a capo on it on the fifth fret, and I finger picked the song. But still I am absolutely blown away how well this guitar records!

Go check out the song on my Bandcamp page HERE. Download the song, stick on a great pair of headphones and let me know what you think of the song and the guitar tone 🙂


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