Tangled up in dreams

Today’s new song is almost like a photograph. It is a moment in an argument. When I usually tell a story in a song, it comes from somewhere and ends somewhere. But this time I wanted to leave all of the before and after to your imagination. I wanted to capture that moment when things just seem desperate. In a way, this is to remind you that we all have been there, but even though it did feel desperate in the moment, we moved on. And soon it becomes just a distant memory from the past.

Also this week I felt the need for the Acoustic guitar to shine a bit more once again. We had a quite few heavily produced tracks in the past few months, this is no different, but the sonic pale definitely is little bit different. I like changing things around 😉

As to the production, just a few notes, that are related to this weeks vlogs. I used the Boss Tera Echo on this track as a layered with the clean signal. Also the acoustic guitar was recorded using the microphone technique I talked about in the Vlog 164. Let me know what you think.

And lets not forget that this weeks song, as every week is available to download for free from my Bandcamp page HERE. So don’t hesitate, just go and get it right now 🙂 If the song touches you in some way, please share it with the world in anyway you like. And once again, thank you for taking he time to read and listen 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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