Recording in Paris

Back in early March I had the pleasure to meet two wonderful people, Vincent and Alicia (and Boubou). I had the pleasure to spend time in their home last week, which is such a creative and spiritual space. Recorded two brand new songs, spent endless hours playing with the dog, had glimpses into the potential future (still got the free will ?) and had long invigorating conversations late in to the night.
Vincent has many wonderful guitars, but his Fender American Telecaster and the sparkly Gretsch in the pictures were hard to put down. Also, the Orange Amps TH30 with Vincents four-microphone setup sounded so good! Vincent has created such a wonderful working environment in his MIG Production studio, that I could just simply let the music flow.
Also Alicia did an energy/sound session, that lit up something in me, which I am not yet able to put into words. But when it all sinks in and makes more sense, I will. I felt a wonderful mixture of calm and excitement and left utterly invigorated. Thank you guys for being who you are! Now onwards and upwards with the journey ?

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