Recording a new Sliotar album

I’m feeling a little bit rough around the edges this morning. We had an NDRC end of summer cohort dinner last night, which continued into the small hours of Saturday morning. But nothing that an avocado and egg sandwich and a cup of coffee would not fix. Tonight I’ll be playing with Sliotar in the Porterhouse, which by the way was recognised as “The best global craft beer experience.” Then tomorrow morning we’ll be flying over to Denmark where we are going to be recording a new Sliotar album. Exciting times.

It has been a crazy year so far, but at the same time very exciting. I suppose with age you start to figure out better what you really want to do and accomplish. Some of you know I have been working with Melosity, which is a Dublin based music startup company. Even though it is taking a lot of my time, I am still a musician in my heart.

This new Sliotar album has me particularly excited. We are not the best band at churning out albums regularly. I’ve been with the band for 17 years and in that time we recorded four albums… Not the greatest achievement I must say, but as always life has a habit of getting in on the way. At the same time when we get around to it, making the album is something we really look forward to.

So why Denmark? A good friend of ours Tomas Somr live in Denmark. We got to know Tomas through the wonderful Keltska Noc Celtic festival in the Czech Republic. Over the years Tomas has been booking us shows in the Czech Republic and Denmark. He has always been close to the band. So when we thought about recording the new album, it was obvious that we wanted him to engineer and help us produce it. this connection is going to go even further. I am hoping to pass on most of the tour booking to Tomas as well.

Our partnership is going to go even further. I am hoping to pass on most of the tour booking to Tomas as well. Booking the tours requires a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong, I would recommend every band and artist to do their own bookings as far as possible. Nobody cares about your band as much as you do. Having said that, Sliotar has had a long enough relationship with Tomas that he is almost as invested in the band at this stage than the rest of the band.

So why am I writing this blog post? Well, I suppose I wanted to assure those of you who know me as a musician, that the music is not going anywhere. And at the same time, for those of you who got to know me through Melosity, one of the reasons I am passing on the tour booking to Tomas is to allow me to dedicate more time for Melosity as well.

I will try to document this journey as much as possible along the way on all my social media channels, so stay tuned.


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