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J.P.s Quick tipThis week is turning out to be very business oriented week in these Quick tip posts. And rightly so, you need to learn the business! Yesterday’s Quick tip talked about the importance of being able to sell. Now I know not all of us are born with the sale’s man’s hat. Selling your own product is hard, and it becomes even harder in the music business. How do you do it?

Well the obvious place is at the live shows. You should be at the merch table right after the show. You have a short window of opportunity where people are interested and you need to convince them your album is worth spending money on. But that is only few minutes after the show, what about the rest of the time?

Obviously you should have your music available to purchase online on all the usual online stores, as well as your website. Also if you have a physical product, you could have it distributed in to record shops. But the fact that your product is in the shops does not mean it will sell… So think about it this way. What is your favourite brand of serial? More than likely it is one of the major companies products that is available at every store. Do you remember how you originally decided to try it? The chances were you saw a TV advertisement for it, or it was cleverly placed in the shop with attractive packaging. And there it is, you need to place your product in front of people, tell them why they should purchase it (your story) and attractive packaging helps.

How can you do this? The easiest way independent artist can do this is by advertising. And the best place right now to do this is not your favourite music magazine (way too expensive and you will never get return on your investment), but Facebook ads. You need to spend time to learn how to do this and Facebook has some great advice. I will include few resource links below. Now remember, they do cost money, so be careful with your budget. Don’t spend more than you can afford to. Start small, learn the game and eventually you will get better at it.

Advertising on Facebook

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