Quick tip 257 Get organised

J.P.s Quick tipIt I so easy to try to do hundred things at the same time, and not really get anything done in the end. Often our workspace ends up being a mess, as much as the work we try to accomplish. So my second tip on how to start your year on a “clean slate” is get organised.

Start by prioritising what you are going to be doing this year. Figure out how much time you will allocate for every individual task. How often are you going to be doing it. Also organise your work space. Have the tools you need to accomplish your job at hand. Get rid off, or store the stuff you are keeping “just in case.” How many broken guitar cables do you keep for the rainy day? Do you still need those spare network cables, when pretty much all data has gone wireless? Get organised, so you can create more efficiently.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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