Quick tip 251 2015 game changer no 1

J.P.s Quick tipAs we are heading into the new year, I will recap on some of the “game changers” from my past year. These are things that have had a big effect on my life, productivity, work and happiness. The first one is taking a long break from drinking alcohol. I would not say I had a problem with drink, even though I’ve had my run ins with it over the years. But It did have an effect on many things. Even more so, the effect of not having a drink (a part from few occasions) has been tremendous.

A hangover, even if it is only once a week, has a massive effect on your productivity. Having a clear mind all the time makes it so much easier to focus. I feel free, I feel healthier, I feel much bigger desire to accomplish things. I am not saying I have quit drinking for the rest of my life. Not at all. I just have reset the attitude I have towards the drink. And to do that, you do need to take a break from it. But I do know my beer drinking days are gone… I might have an occasional glass of wine 😉


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