Quick tip 249 Treat yourself

J.P.s Quick tipOk, we are finally getting into the holiday mood. It is the to slow things down. It is time to spend with the family and loved ones. It is time to take a real break. So why not take a moment to acknowledge one thing. Why not treat your self? You worked hard this year, you accomplished things (at least I hope you did) probably even more than you realised. So you deserve to think of you for a little bit 🙂

I know we worry about over indulging our selves, but few days of taking it easy, enjoying good food and company, is not going to ruin everything. In fact, it might actually be a great thing for your mental stamina, to make you more determined to work hard and be good for the new year. So take some time off and treat you self! Have a great holidays my friends.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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