Quick tip 227 Expect nothing in the beginning

J.P.s Quick tipMost artists like to make plans boasting their chest how they are going to take over the music business and how they are going to be an overnight success due to tactical planning and a short burst of intense work. But when it comes to the execution, things often slow down, and we lose momentum. And when the gears grind to holt, most of us lose interest and give up.

I’m sure you have heard about the Chinese Bamboo tree. When you plant the seed in to the ground, it takes five years before you see any results. Most of us would give up hope at that stage. But after five years, the plant peeks its head from the ground, and grows to 80ft in just six weeks! In music business we only see those six weeks, we don’t see the five years of growing the routs and building a strong foundation.

Expect nothing in the beginning and you won’t be disappointed. Work hard, and be aware that you are building the roots. You are putting in the 10000 hours it takes to become a great musician and performer. And in the process you become an entrepreneur as well. You learn the business from the ground up. Keep your head down and never give-up hope.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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