Quick tip 171 Expose your self

J.P.s Quick tipTrying to protect your self from being exposed only stops you being seen. If you make art and want to turn it into a career, you need to be seen. Sure we all have inbuilt animal self-preservation system, not to stand out from the crowd. In the other hand the desire to be seen in away is what make us humans. So we are torn with our fear and desire. Too often we are controlled by that fear.

But for our art to be seen we need to face that fear. We need to be willing to expose our selves. We need to be willing to open our hearts. If you are not willing to let you guard down and make your art from your heart, I very much doubt people will resonate with it. And even thought you might reach some level of success, I doubt you will be fulfilled with it. We can see this time and time again with artist even on mainstream trying to prove something even when most of us see them being very successful.

We don’t want to be seen as someone else, we want to be seen as who we are as an artist. And until this happens, we will never feel fulfilled. So instead of creating your art because you want glory, fame or financial success, create it because you want to share who you are and what you believe. Expose your self.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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