Deep Down

The fear of growing old is a natural fear when we are young. With age, we realise, life does not stop until the day we leave this world. There is a lot more to life than just your school, college and getting a well paid job. I love being the age I am today. I could say I have lived my life so far pretty full-on, so I have no regrets (and even if I did, I would not dwell on them.) And there are many things about growing old I look forward to as well.

But my biggest fear about growing old is becoming irrelevant. To become meaningless. And from that I am sure you can figure out that I have no plans of retiring 😉 But this weeks song kind of sums up what I could imagine those fears would be like. How the world around us changes, but at the same time, to us stay very much the same.  I do believe though that for me it is easier to stay relevant. You see music helps, it talks from generation to generation.

But not everyone is so lucky. For many of the older generation the feeling of being disconnected can be massive. The world has gone through so big changes, that for some people their career, what they spent their whole life doing, might just have become thing of the past.

And this subject also remind us to think about our older family members. It’s like a nonstop circle of life. If you abandon your older family members, your children will pick up on this behaviour, and guess what they will do when you grow old?

So that’s the back story of where this weeks song “Deep Down” comes from. As usual, you can get your self a download copy from my Bandcamp page HERE. That’s it for this weeks new song. Let me know what you think of the song and do what you guys do so well, share the love and share the song.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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