A Moment

A Moment, Photo by Emilie Fontaine
We live in a world of instant gratification. Music is a beautiful gift, but it requires your attention to enjoy and years of dedication to perform. Even though we have new incredible ways to share music across the globe, we do it by competing for attention in a world of noise and chaos. This “competition” can affect the music we write, perform and the art we make. The platforms we use to share our music and art have also changed how we consume music and art. It was never supposed to be a numbers game. It is all about how deeply you can connect with people. These platforms can never replace the moments when these connections happen in the real world.
  Music, in a lot of ways, is similar to nature. You only get to enjoy it if you give it your uninterrupted attention. If you listen to the details. Colours, textures, how it feels against the bottom of your feet or the palms of your hands. If you listen to the sounds nearby or in the wind. In the rain or in that moment, when the night breaks into a brand new morning. It is the embodiment of curiosity. It defies time. Or is music nature itself?
  All of this I try to share with an innocent soul who has thrown nothing but unconditional love towards me. Who with I don’t share a language, as us adults understand. But the notes my fingers plug out of the guitar somehow make sense to him. To him and me, this is a moment we connect. Worth more than any digital gratification can ever give me.
What makes this moment even more special is that his mother, Emilie Fontaine Photographe , a talented photographer who, due to health issues, in a way had to put her own art on hold, gets to capture it and, with her permission, share it with us all. These moments are the purest form of art to me. What are the purest moments of art to you?

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