22nd of February Blog update

Pre rehearsal lunchIt’s been another great busy week. This year seems to really taken off on a speed that seems to be hard to keep up with 😀 The sideline of this year seems to be several funny life lessons. Two weeks ago I learned about how brussel sprouts are not really suitable for juicing. This weeks lesson was a not to consume large amount of dairy (ice-cream) after night out involving beers 😉 Life can be funny sometimes, if you choose to see it that way.

I had another busy week recording and playing. It’s a crunch time finishing the album. Also the rehearsals for the future live shows are in full swing and we even captured some of it on video this week again. So let’s get in to it.

This weeks song “Do Your Best” talks about modern-day emigration. Check it out here:

Do Your Best

I got bit fired up this week about how the big suits in the music business are hungrily looking for a new format to “monetize” music. Here is the first one of the articles:

Monetizing music gone wrong

First of this weeks Quick tips was a simple productivity tip. Sometimes the simplest things work the treat 😉

Quick tip 31 List

Sometimes it is hard to get recognition, and in these times we need to be able to find it with in us:

Pat your self on the back

Stepping out of our comfort zone is one of the most important ways to growth. Read all about it here:

Quick tip 32 Stepping out of your comfort zone

Our next instalment into Songwriting looks into a great song by great songwriter:

On Songwriting Part 7

From time to time we can get so overwhelmed with promoting our music, that the music gets pushed aside. Here’s what I do to make sure this does not happen:

Quick tip 33 Music

Here’s the second of this weeks “rants” on how the music business looking at the problem of monetizing music:

High Consumer Of Music

If we always listen all the criticism of other people, we’d never take our music outside our bedroom:

Quick tip 34 Be true to your self

Here’s a cool new Twitter update that you can put to use today to promote your music:

Quick tip 35 Twitter

And last but not least, here is another video from our rehearsals:

“Pain” rehearsal video

And that would be all for this week 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on the posts, good or bad. I’m a big boy, I can take it 😉


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