20th of March 2016 Blog update

The St. Patrick’s week is coming to an end and I am still standing 😉 Although I am starting to feel the workload, seems like just one night sleep just doesn’t seem to be enough to recover 😀 But soon enough I have few days off.

It has been a great St. Patrick’s festival. The atmosphere all around the city has been just wonderful. We had some great shows in The Porterhouse with Sliotar.

This weeks lessons were more of an observations:

1. Well planned crowd control is the key to good and enjoyable festival.

2. Emotional drain can be at least as draining as physical.

3. Sometimes just rolling with it is the smartest thing you can do.

And now on to this weeks stuff. This week song “Baby” was a love song with a twist. As always, you can download it from Bandcamp right now. Check out the song here:


Dublin has a reputation of being grey, and I do admit the clouds tend to cover the sky quite often here. But when the sun does come out, this city makes the best of it. Check out how beautiful the city looked in this golden sunset:

Vlog 120 Golden sunset over Dublin

The good people at the Hot and Muggy drinks sent me to some Organo Gold coffee to try out, so it was time for another coffee review:

Vlog 121 Organo Gold coffee review

After of few week of moving house, it was time to give the vlogs a bit of a twist. And the Six Nations Rugby match between Ireland and Italy at the Aviva stadium here is Dublin was a perfect chance:

Vlog 122 Six Nations

Even through all the festivities, it was time to record this weeks song. This time I tried to walk you through some of my process of recording:

Vlog 123 Recording “Baby”

This week there is a lot of The Porterhouse in these vlogs, and in this one I explain the reason behind it:

Vlog 124 Stuck in The Porterhouse

And the last vlog of the week in a way is the jewel of the week 🙂 It is the St.Patrick’s day vlog, in which I take you along to the streets of Dublin, to see the parade and to the Porterhouse for the Sliotar St. Pats show:

Vlog 125 St. Patrick’s day 2016

So that wraps up one busy week of festivities. Hope you had a great week.

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Once again thanks for sticking with me another week. Lets make the week ahead a good one 🙂


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