12th of June 2016 Blog update

It’s been one busy week here in Dublin for me. But finally by the weekend I actually had a few days to take it bit easier. During the week we played another live show with Liberty Hell, and the set is coming together really well. We have quite few more shows coming up here in Dublin, and our website will be up soon with all of the dates.

But this week has had a few interesting lessons as well:

  1. I had help with this weeks vlog update video, and I was made to realise that sometimes shorter is better 🙂
  2. It ain’t always fun, but I work well under pressure.
  3. Self set deadline is a key to productive creativity

This week’s song “School of life” was made under a quite a lot of pressure due to my crazy busy schedule. But I am very happy with the results. Check it out here:

School of life

On my way to enjoy a healthy breakfast from Chopped, I got asked a few funny questions:

Vlog 204 Milk float or an ice-cream van?

In the Tuesday vlog I play for you guys a nearly 100 years old guitar:

Vlog 205 Playing a nearly hundred year old guitar!

In Wednesday’s vlog we take you along to the Dublin Port River fest. It was a fun day out:

Vlog 206 Dublin Port River fest

It was time for another rehearsal day before our Liberty Hell show this week. But there were few distraction getting on the way 😉

Vlog 207 Train on fire!

In the Friday’s vlog I talk about this week’s song “School of life” more in detail. I also share with you my basic guitar maintenance routine:

Vlog 208 Guitar maintenance

And last but not least, we have some music from the Liberty Hell’s show:

Vlog 209 Liberty Hell Live

And that is a wrap for the week.

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So let me know what you think of this little bit more compressed blog update. And thanks for sticking around for another week. Loads of more cool stuff on the way, so stay tuned.


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