10th of May Blog update

big40I know I’ve been giving out about this for a while now, but come on weather! Get it together! Living on an island on the edge of Atlantic kind of guarantees that you can not make picnic plans the day before 😀 I am officially ready for the summer, bring it on.

I’ve had a good week, apart from having a mini midlife crisis 😀 But friend of mine Des, who plays the drums in Sliotar put it nicely in to perspective and apparently with the current life expectancy I am seven years early to be having a midlife crisis. Nice one Des! But I had some lovely sessions in the Porterhouse and by the way, if you happen to be in Dublin anytime, I play an acoustic session (which is a mixture of traditional Irish music and my songs) in The Porterhouse with few friends Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting from 5pm, so that is the easiest way to find me 😀 I’m also there with Sliotar during the weekends, but that is upstairs on the stage.

Also we had a wonderful rehearsals on Wednesday. One of those ones when you listen back to it and you can hear something great growing out of the music organically. The weather also allowed me enough sunshine to clean my balcony, where I am hoping to do fair bit of my blog postings from this summer 🙂

But let’s get in to this weeks blog posts:

This week’ song is my way explaining why I do what I do, and I think many artists can relate to it:

So I Sing

Monday’s blog post was about passion, one of the ingredients that are vital for a great art:


This weeks Quick tips were looking in to some things to consider and prepare before going in to a recording studio:

Quick tip 86 Pre-production

Here’s another sneak in to what we have been up to in our rehearsals:

Read Between the Lines rehearsal video

It is vital to make sure your instruments (including your vocal chords) are in the best possible shape before you go to studio:

Quick tip 87 Prepare your instruments for the studio

Ever sat at the bar, talked about “taking over the world”, but nothing came out of it. It’s time to stop talking and get things done:

Stop talking about things and get it done

Here’s a Quick tip about few ways you can go about your recording process. It will save you time and money to know this stuff before you go to studio:

Quick tip 88 Recording process

You can never beat the major labels at their game, but you can beat them at your game:

Lonely soldier

It still gets me how many musicians struggle to play to a click track:

Quick tip 89 Click track

One thing the professionals in the music business hate more than anything is people wasting their time:

Quick tip 90 Punctuality

And last, but not least here is why I was having a mini midlife crisis during the week 😉

Heading for the big 40

And there we go. I’ll probably will be out celebrating my birthday (I’ll be starting day early), or waking up one year older. But let me just say this: in the past year and five months I’ve shared with you guys 464 blog posts and 71 songs so far. It has been nothing short of a magical journey and I have no plans of slowing anytime soon. I want you guys to know that every time you visit to my website, every time you listen to my songs, or watch the videos, it all means a world to me. You guys are the definition of my success (I’ll be talking about tis more next week) and I thank you for that 🙂 Have a great day!


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