Quick tip 87 Prepare your instruments for the studio

J.P.s Quick tipYesterday I talked about how pre-production can save you money in the recording studio. Another thing you need to do before going to studio, is to make sure your instruments are in the best possible condition.

Guitar and bass players, make sure your instruments intonation is set properly. If you are in doubt, it might be a time to get your instrument serviced. Make sure your frets are in good shape, there are no buzz anywhere on the fretboard. If you play acoustic guitar, make sure there are no broken string ends inside the body rattling around. And last but not least, fresh set of strings on the instrument and spare for the studio.

Drummers, if it is an important recording, fresh skins might be in order. Make sure your drums are well tuned and there is no nasty overtones. Also your kick drum pedal should not have any squeaks, this will sound nasty on the recording. And the most obvious, have enough fresh drum sticks to get you through the recording session.

Last but not least, singers make sure you are well rested. Stay off dairy products on the day of recording. Warm up your voice, and no drinking of alcohol or partying the night before.

As I mentioned before, Studio time is expensive and you are there to do a job. Act professionally and get the job done.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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