Working Man

This weeks song “Working Man” is not only relevant to me, but to so many people in Ireland and abroad. We all have been told that the recession is over,but still homes get repossessed in a twisted game of real life monopoly. Or like in my case, the rents are going through the roof. We blame the government, we blame the market, we blame the banks and the landlords. But at the end of the day, there is no doubting the fact that somewhere along the line it all comes down to greed, some one wants more.

We know that the Roman empire, that ruled most of what we now know as a Europe, North Africa and parts of middle east, only collapsed due to one thing. It was the divide between the ones who had it all and the ones who had nothing that eventually destroyed one of the greatest empires in the history. Greed always comes with a price.

Communism failed as the greed got on the way and it turned into dictatorship. Now capitalism as we know it has been turned into a money grabbing race for the elite. The greed is getting on the way.

So when did we let the so-called “market” become more important than the people? When did it became justified to turn sick people into a big business? We usher our children in to college, to get a good education and many of the qualify with a massive student loan, which they will be paying for years to come. And that’s the “lucky ones.”

People pay for the system, while the system serves only the elite. Could we put a tax on greed?

These are some of the things I have been wondering a lot lately. The thing is, I am not here to tell you that it is all going down. But this level of disparity cannot be maintained. And if it all does come down, I don’t think any of us will be safe from the consequences, what ever they may be.

But this weeks song is for the working people, who have been paying for rich people’s games for years now. It is for anybody who ever lost their home to financial downturn, or to greed. It is easy for me to sing right now as I am living through it. But I know I will be fine. There are many people who will not be.

So grab your copy of the song from my Bandcamp page HERE, and share it with the world. I don’t believe one song can change the world, but maybe we can make a handful of people to think. That would be a start.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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