Why do we doubt our heart?

Why do we doubt our heart?

Why do we doubt our heart? Do we not trust it to do the right thing? Logic is much easier to justify, but it hardly ever takes us out of our comfort zone. It hardly ever is the path to happiness.


If your life is not what you want it to be, it is up to you to change it. And it is you who needs to make the decision to change it, no one else is going do it for you.


It is easier to complain about your situation and blame others. It is an easy excuse to do nothing about it.


To do something about it is scary. You might not be happy and fulfilled, but you are comfortable enough to put up with it. What if we do something about it, and it will not be comfortable anymore?


This is because it does not hurt enough yet. It is not easy to walk away from something you invested a lot of time, effort and your heart into.


But are you sticking around because of a memory of how it used to be, and hope you will get a glimpse of that back? Or are you sticking around because you actually want to?


Are you stuck because you are scared to hurt other people around you? Is it convenient for them to have you where you are, even if deep down you are not happy?


The truth is, you deserve better. In fact, we have been given this amazing gift called life. Every one of us only gets one. And it is your duty to not waste it, but make the most of it.


So stop taking the advice your family and friends or the society give you as the path. Figure out what your own path is. Figure out what makes you happy, what makes you content. And only your heart can tell you this.


Happy New Year.



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