What would you do?

We have natural tendency to live our life with in safe perimeters. We do what we are expected to do, because that’s the way we have been taught to believe. When we are children we have natural tendency to question things. We are naturally curious. Nothing is impossible just because it might be hard. We learn to walk by falling down, failing over and over and over again. But as we grow older and “wiser,” many possibilities seem to become impossible. We give up on things, as our “logic” tells us the chances of success are small…

But what if we still believed like we did when we were children? What if the word impossible did not exist in our vocabulary? And what if we looked applied all of this into the world we live in? What if we believed humanity could actually live in harmony with the rest of the planet and our fellow-men? What if something as shallow as greed was not the driving force behind the decision makers? What if we all worked together to make a better world?

I must admit I did feel the pressure, very much set on my by no one else than me after last weeks song 😀 But I am happy where the music is taking me at the moment. And I am definitely going to see how far the rabbit hole goes 😉

As usual you can download this weeks song from my Bandcamp page HERE. Name your price starting from $0.00 🙂 And as always I do not have massive marketing budgets of the major labels. I rely on your guys help to spread the word about my songs. So hit those shares and bring music to as many people as possible 🙂 I could not do all of this without you guys.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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