Vlog 99 Lost in IKEA

As the move is getting close, we decided to visit IKEA, the good old Swedish furniture giant. We wanted to do the sensible thing and actually just do a planning trip, not buy anything yet. It makes more sense to bring the new stuff directly to the new apartment, not to move stuff twice 😀 What can I say about IKEA? These guys design one of the best labyrinths in the modern world, and time will disappear. Now we definitely got a lot of ideas, but I am not sure if we ended up more confused in the end 😀 But I love the IKEA’s cinnamon buns! My mom bakes a mean cinnamon bun, and the IKEA buns are the closest to the ones I get at home 🙂

The rest of the weekend I spent playing with Sliotar. I did not film any of the shows this weekend as I am still working on a better way to capture them. But also because March and the St. Patrick’s day is only around the corner and I will be filming a lot in the Porterhouse during the festivities 🙂 So hope you enjoyed this vlog and hope you are having a great start to the week.


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