Vlog 91 14th February 2016 Blog update

I’m not even sure where to start describing this week… It has been crazy busy emotional rollercoaster ride. The new home hunt was in full swing. We viewed some OK places in awkward areas, we viewed some nice places in a nice areas, but still outside the town, we viewed some horribly bad places, but in the end we viewed the one place that was calling us, and as our references cleared we put a deposit down. I cannot remember a moment in my resent times when I felt such an instant relief of stress. Now we have the stress of packing and moving house, but this is the kind of stress I can deal with. I know all I need to do, is do it. I am not replying on other people’s whims 😉

But in the middle of all this stress I managed to squeeze out some amazing work. Sometimes you just hope that stress would not need to be there for your best work to spill out 😀 We have some quite cool new stuff to go through this week so we better get into it. Let me just say, I had no idea I was going to do half of the stuff I ended up doing by the end of this week. Life works in mysterious ways.

So what did this week yeah me?

1. Breaking point and success are often very close to each others.

2. When your back is against the wall, it is easier to step out of your comfort zone

3. And when you step out of your comfort zone you have a chance to do your best work

And now, let’s get into the good stuff 🙂

This weeks song “I’m not ready” was definitely a break from my usual songs, especially when it comes to production. You can read all about the song in t’s blog post, but before you do, check out the video I posted for the song here

I’m not ready (Official video)

And I have an ask for you guys. I am proud of the song and the video, so if you could help me by spreading the word about this son. Share the video where ever you can 🙂 You can also download the song from my Bandcamp page as usual and check the blog post here:

I’m not ready

And now onto this weeks vlogs. Monday’s vlog included me taking you along on my Sunday morning run, where I came across one of the Irish navy ships. I also bought you to the Porterhouse, where due to some unforced circumstances me and Des ended playing some of my songs for the first hour of our usual Sunday Sliotar set and I managed to capture some of it in the vlog 🙂

Vlog 85 The Irish navy

Tuesdays vlog captures my low point, even though I still managed to keep a smile on my face. Check it all out here:

Vlog 86 I forgot how bad it can be

And this is how I climb out of those low points. I lock my self in to my studio/ office and create stuff. This is the process of making this weeks song:

Vlog 87 I am getting very exited

Wednesday was a slow start day for me, but we managed to film a nice version of “Tell my darling” in the Porterhouse session. Check it out here:

Vlog 88 What do we do?

Thursday I was so exited about this weeks song that I decided to make an official video for it. In this vlog I will take you along and show you the process:

Vlog 89 Night-time filming

In the last of this week I am mainly stuck in the office editing the video and writing. I talk about haters and how I deal with them:

Vlog 90 Today is one of those days

And that is a wrap for this week! Let me know your thoughts on the vlogs, the song and the official video. Did you like them?

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It is weeks like this that make me realise how much having you guys here means to me. Thank you for sticking with me for another week. Stay safe and I will talk to you more next week 🙂


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